14 August 2011

Pigeons & Peacocks

Since 2008, The London College of Fashion have excelled themselves by producing this striking annual magazine. I recently purchased Issue 4, and i definitely wasn't disappointed. Flicking through the thick pages is amazing as the colourful spreads and black and white images fall into place perfectly. The articles are just the same, such a better read than all the simple and unexciting magazine articles found today, when no one isn't actually that bothered who is getting engaged with who.

If you ever spot this magazine in any shop, don't hesitate to buy it. Every time i browse through i get inspired by so many different elements. I simply cannot wait until the next issue, which I'm sure will exceed all my expectations.


  1. i love pigeons and peacocks too !! i discovered it a few months ago and fell in love instantly i ummed and aahed about blogging about it myslef lol !

  2. its amazing! love reading it too, so inspirational!