07 September 2011

Black and White

Jumper - River Island - £40

Excuse how awfully these are taken.. in a mirror. but wanted to share the new jumper i splurged on today. I don't usually spend much money on clothes because the past few months i don't recall buying anything from topshop, river island, UO or H&M, only charity shops. but i spotted this and i was like MINE. hehehe. its so big and comfy and will go with pretty much anything.. apart from other patterned things haha. 

25 August 2011


Bought some new jeans today. Originally planned to cut  them into shorts, but I'm still stuck. They were £4 Wrangler jeans from a charity store - high waisted and straight leg. They really aren't flattering as you can probably tell but i like them as a change and they go with my Chelsea boots. soooooo I'm gonna avoid cutting them for about 2 weeks, and if i haven't worn them by then i will make shorts out of them.

21 August 2011

moving on, moving on.

Random furniture outside! i wonder what happens when it rains?!

This is one of my favourite little vintage stores down the end of an alley. so cute, and such amazing clothes.

Kimono - random cheap shop in my town
Crimson belt - 50p, charity store
shorts - £3, charity store
Doc Martens - £10, charity store!
Sunglasses - H&M

I wore completely the wrong clothes today as i thought it was going to be wet and rainy, but it was actually boiling! these are photos from a walk, i walked about 5 miles and now my legs ache. Stopped off in this really pretty cafe place which was an old church, the atmosphere was so nice. really happy with my docs, all i need now is cat eye sunglasses!

20 August 2011

Hold on to your kite

Perfect day. Felt like a bit of charity shopping so i went into town. I only thought there were 2 charity stores, but actually i found 4! Only just started looking through the racks of shoes and an 'Airwair' label catches my eye. Couldn't believe it. These little beasts had to be mine!

They are a bit big, but i had to buy them. Not everyday do you see Doc Martens in a good condition for only £10! I have bought 3 sets of insoles to make them fit, and they surprisingly do! so happy right now!

17 August 2011

don't mess with my ego

Burgundy waistcoat - vintage
Black vest - H&M
Belt - Mum's
Shorts - Charity store and cut up
Socks - Topshop
Chelsea Boots - Topshop
Green slouch hobo bag - Festival
Brown fringe bag - Vintage

Sorry for the excessive amount of photos but was feeling a bit arty, plus it was raining so took loads really quickly, haha. Absolutely love my burgundy waistcoat which was a great find at a vintage store for only a fiver.
My hair is currently ombré but it doesnt show up well on this camera.
Good day with my sister,  woke up early to go to the first viewing of the 'inbetweener's movie' but because i didnt have ID i couldn't get in, gutted. could have had 2 more hours sleep!