17 August 2011

don't mess with my ego

Burgundy waistcoat - vintage
Black vest - H&M
Belt - Mum's
Shorts - Charity store and cut up
Socks - Topshop
Chelsea Boots - Topshop
Green slouch hobo bag - Festival
Brown fringe bag - Vintage

Sorry for the excessive amount of photos but was feeling a bit arty, plus it was raining so took loads really quickly, haha. Absolutely love my burgundy waistcoat which was a great find at a vintage store for only a fiver.
My hair is currently ombré but it doesnt show up well on this camera.
Good day with my sister,  woke up early to go to the first viewing of the 'inbetweener's movie' but because i didnt have ID i couldn't get in, gutted. could have had 2 more hours sleep!

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